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02. Insurance

Why do you have to make insurance comparisons?

Hong Kong, Macau and China have many well-known global insurance companies, and the insurance products in the market are complicated.

There are obvious differences in the coverage, terms and premiums of different insurance plans. Even for similar products, the compensations can differ tremendously at the same price! Our team analysts will compare different types of insurance products in the market for you.

Choose different types of insurance plans, and know how to collocate them, so that you can have the most comprehensive protection. We will explain the terms and conditions in the plan to you one by one.

Why Sinoport?

We believe that buying insurance is not just a simple matter. Through the data matching process, we will communicate with you through real-life customer service, listen to your needs, and help you select and compare different insurance products from your perspective.

We provide continuous and intimate customer service. During the insuring process, we will answer all your doubts and help you handle the required forms. After you are insured, we will renew your office premiums regularly. Also when settling the claim, we will immediately apply to the insurance company for settlement of the claim.

We also have direct cooperation with many licensed insurance companies, and all policy follow-up services can be dealt with as quickly as possible and with the highest priority.

Are you interested in learning more about our insurance?

Our experts would be happy to discuss all of the options available to you.

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