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03. Overseas Real Estate

Why do you have to compare overseas real estates?

Recently, overseas real estate is becoming another investment choice for more and more people. It is not as volatile as stocks and bonds, nor as uncertain as new investment such as environmental protection technology, so it becomes an ideal asset for investors. However, overseas real estate investment still has certain risks.

After all, the markets differ in numerous ways. Although the site selection seems simple, there is often a difference between favourite places and places with investment value. Therefore, it is essential to know why you buy it and understand the differences of real estates in different countries.

Local laws and regulations, taxation, mortgage, insurance and property management will influence our investment decisions.

Why Sinoport?

Our expertise covers Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

Flexible service: We believe that investment should not be one-fold, except for financial products that are highly sought-after by everyone in the market. In recent years, overseas real estate is also an investment target that everyone can choose. We strictly examine the background of developers and compare different local and overseas properties to provide you with the choices that best meet your needs.

Diversification of investment: Just like the intention of our platform - sharing investment information and creating diversified investment channels. We help you truly realize global asset allocation.

In partnership with various overseas real estate agents: We keep up with the latest information of the current overseas real estate investment market and have close ties with the largest real estate agents in different regions.

Ready to invest in overseas real estate?

If the property you intend to purchase is located in Australia, UK, Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Thailand, please fill in your details on our simple form. Our experienced global team will contact you on your selected date and time to answer your questions about overseas property financing.

Are you interested in learning more about our overseas real estate?

Our experts would be happy to discuss all of the options available to you.

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